About Us

Lasolife has become the synonym of modern and healthy living, and we are proud to announce ourselves as a Delhi based firm dealing in health related products helpful in leading a fit and healthy life. We have an expertise and are well acquainted with this field since years.

Good Track Record

Good Track Record

Lasolife, being one of the best industries in providing healthcare products has a strong base of satisfied customers nationwide.
Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Innovation has been the hallmark of our firm since long. All our products are lab. tested and certified which makes them best in class.
Excellent after Sales Service

Excellent after Sales Service

Customers are the biggest assets of our firm and their satisfaction is our priority. We pledge to provide excellent after sales services for our product.
Affordable Range

Affordable Range

Healthcare solutions are provided at an affordable price to one and all around the nation. All our products are competitively priced in order to provide value for money.


We have principles in business to ensure the effective working of the same. We have mentioned some of our ideologies below on the basis of which we conduct our business dealings.

  • Customers

    Highest value is given to the requirements of our customers, hence, we do our best in order to fulfil their needs comprehensively, promptly and efficiently.
  • People

    Every individual is different from another in terms of potential and perspectives, therefore, equal opportunities are given to all our employees to grow and establish a mutually cordial environment.
  • Honesty

    At Lasolife, the entire business is conducted in a professional, ethical and fair manner. All our business decisions are taken keeping in mind the philosophy and values of our firm.
  • Team Work

    We are team builders and team players, hence, we believe that success can only be achieved by working in a collective manner towards reaching one common defined goal.


We strive hard to deliver impeccable services to our customers in the form of healthcare products such as air purifier to clear the pollutants in the air, water purifier to get rid of water impurities and life mat to give peace of mind to the people by extracting stress out of them.


To establish ourselves as a brand that is socially responsible and focused on making a difference in the lives of people. We wish to deliver innovative healthcare products that could help people in leading a better life inwardly and outwardly.